Corporate and promotional videos

Corporate videos are one of the most powerful tools a business, company or corporation can have to promote their products and services.

In today’s busy world, few people have the luxury of time to read volumes of written material. However they are more likely to have 3 to 6 minutes to view a video. This can be done from the convenience of a laptop, tablet, mobile phone or on a wide screen at a small presentation or a large conference or seminar.

Griggmedia has produced a number of corporate videos most notably for a number of government agencies and local government.

Corporate/promotional videos allow clients to tell their story through pictures. A well written script, sensational images and a strong professional voice over create a very powerful marketing tool.

Examples of corporate/promotional videos produced by griggmedia can be viewed here.

Training and Educational videos

Training videos can not only save organisations and businesses time and money, but are a great educational tool that can be played over and again.

Training videos have proved beneficial in educating employees about a company’s OHS and EEO policies.

Griggmedia has been commissioned to produce a number of educational videos for the health sector, which have proved invaluable for professionals working in sensitive areas. Universities are now using more videos for various learning modules.

Educational videos playing in-store can demonstrate to the customer exactly how a product/service works, and to also show case the range of products it has to offer and how a product is made etc.

Environmental education and land management is another area that griggmedia specialises in and the examples below speak for themselves in terms of the passion that goes into producing these videos.

Examples of training/educational videos produced by griggmedia can be viewed here.